UVA The Big Event

It continues to be a cool and windy spring of late, so this past Saturday April 9th a curious onlooker might have seen about 20 UVA students and one funny looking PVCC employee and garden coordinator huddled in the wet warmth of the garden’s hoop house. But then, we sprang into action and this awesome group weeded, turned over, mulched new paths, planted, and watered in three full beds! It was awesome! Thanks so much to all those who came out as part of UVA’s The Big Event. We are very grateful for your hard work, which will grow so much food for the area hungry.

UVA’s Women’s Leadership Development Program in the Garden

On a drizzly and blustery Saturday, UVA’s Women’s Leadership Development Program showed up at the garden, becoming one of our first visiting groups this spring. While it had been warm a few days prior, it had turned grey and wet but that didn’t dampen their spirits. We huddled around one of the new(ish) native plant beds near the front of the garden and weeded it. The ladies spent some time getting to know each other better and learning a little bit about distinguishing some of the plants were trying to keep and encourage from those plants we call weeds and were trying to discourage.


New mulch

A big thank you to Bartlett Tree Experts for continuing to drop off mulch for us! If you need help with your trees, please call them at (434) 971-3020.

Seed Donation

We would like to thank the good people at Southern States for a very generous donation of vegetable seeds. We’ve been purchasing seeds and plants from them for the garden for years and always been very happy with the quality of the plants – and especially the people who work there. If you’re not familiar with Southern States, check them out at: 810 Harris St, Charlottesville, VA 22903 Phone:(434) 296-6191

Hoop, Hoop!

This past Saturday I received an email from Casey Eilbert. At the risk of embarrassing her, I’m going to copy it here:

Exciting news: the hoop house is fully functional! This weekend, we attached both the tarp and the door. It’s pretty toasty in the house, and it should work just fine.

This is very big news. This project has been underway since last fall when our garden was selected as the pledge project for the UVA APO service fraternity. Written about at that time on our site, this meant a great deal of people’s time and effort went into fundraising, planning, and executing a number of projects and enhancements at the community garden.

The most difficult of these projects has been the construction of an enclosed hoop house to extend the growing season. A big thank you to Casey and her team who have demonstrated a tremendous amount of perseverance and built something that will greatly help us grow even more food for the hungry in our community.

Hoop house


Garden Make Over!

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Phi Sigma Pi in the garden

We were recently visited by a group of spirited volunteers from UVA’s Phi Sigma Pi. This was not their first visit to the garden and I hope it will not be their last. Led by Daniel Murrow, volunteers included:
Emily Kovalenko, Abby Deatherage, Haley Hollen, Brian Furr, Elizabeth Harris, Paxton Le Roy, Dylan Ward, Zulfiqar Mohamedshah, JP Riggle, and Chris Wiens.
We walked around and observed what was growing in the vegetable beds, talked about gardening do’s and don’ts, agreed to plant more aspargus and tasted the ripening passionfruits.
We also worked on cleaning and clearing the native plant beds that have such a wonderful success this year.
Thanks all!

Phi Sigma Pi 2015

Madison House is back!

Sunday was such a wonderful day that I’m going to have to break my posting into two parts. On top of a week where I got to meet garden volunteer Alan, who’s journal entries and volunteer work in the garden I’ve been so much enjoying, and further on top of Wunderkind volunteer Ella, who has moved into the garden and seemingly lives there, this week saw the resumption of UVA’s Madison House coming to the garden to volunteer.

This is the fifth season that volunteers from Madison House have chosen to come to PVCC garden and I have to take a moment to thank those who have returned for two, three, and even four years. Led again this year by Varun Kavuru, we also have the stalwarts Chris Porter, Henry Wykowski, Owen Robinson, and Malcolm Maloney. These guys are awesome! We don’t need to give them much guidance anymore. They walk in and own the garden. They’ve also got a bunch of new volunteers working alongside them that we’re looking forward to working with this semester and just possibly, for many years to come.

Madison House volunteers will be coming to the garden on Fridays at 3:00 and Sundays at noon.

Junior League Redoux

We were graced a second time season by angels from the Junior League of Charlottesville. As the sun was starting throw spanners off the hipped green roof of the nearby Dickinson building, all was smiles and sparkle as members of the fabulous league got a tour of the garden and then, as one could clearly see that this is a group that wants to WORK, we got down to the serious work of thinning plants. I call it plant murdering and find it causes some inner turmoil, but thinning too closely planted crops is an essential part of this business.

Weather permitting, the Junior League will be back to visit us for one more time from 9:00-11:00 this coming Sunday.

UVA’s Indian Student Association

On September 20th members of UVA’s Indian Student Association came to volunteer in the garden in honor of Gandhi Day. This annual day of service by this group has become something that we look forward to as we begin to get into late September. The day’s temperature was a bit high but so were the spirits and we passed the day with laughter and good conversation.