Wrapping up the Season

This past Sunday was spent tightening up the hoop house walls and reorganizing the seed trays within it. We moved our rocks and leftover cinder blocks into the hoop house to increase thermal mass, hoping this will help it remain a bit warmer, and moved seeds to the center or floor, hoping those areas will be warmer than near the exterior walls. We drained the irrigation system for winter, tucked the umbrella away, and otherwise readied for winter inaction. We also harvested and brought bags of mustard greens, turnips, radishes, lettuce, chard and kale to the Salvation Army’s kitchen.

We’re still seeing the hoop house temperature drop too cool for our winter plants to survive, so methods to increase the warmth include a second plastic skin, a space heater, straw bales, and better framing around the leaky gaps, including the front door.

Thanks to all for a wonderful fall season. We look forward to seeing yo in the spring! If you’d like to stay involved over the winter, email garden@pvcc.edu. There are always tasks with a community garden!


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