Madison House is almost back…

We have been a beneficiary of the volunteers through UVA’s Madison House for the past several years, as written about previously. Really, without their help the Charlottesville community schools and nonprofits would be able to offer so many fewer services. They do so much, contributing an incredible amount of person hours over the course of the year. While the United Way Day of Caring may be splashier as a huge one day volunteer event, Madison House students help out throughout the year, making a continuing impact.
This year the Madison House team will be lead by Henry Wykowski and Samip Patel. Both have experience working in the PVCC Community Garden and we are very exited to welcome them back. And though Madison House is still in the recruiting stage for this year’s volunteers, Henry and returning MH volunteer Dalma came back to the garden last Friday. They couldn’t wait to get back! We harvested squash and okra, plus weeded and planted a good chunk of the garden’s largest bed.

They’re a great team.


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