Volunteers and Native Plant Rocks

This summer the garden has had some really terrific volunteers and I’d like to take some time to celebrate them here, for without our cadre of volunteers this garden wouldn’t exist at all. There have been so many great ones over the years, coming and going, lending their passion to a greater good. Being a community garden coordinator is funny thing. At our garden, we have volunteers note in a spiral bound notebook what they’ve done during their volunteer shift. Some of us never meet each other, but we’ve been reading and enjoying each other’s notes. From Alan, for instance, we get ruminations on time and the beauty of the sunset. Ella brings ideas aplenty, always looking out for ways to improve the garden. Lately she’s been thinking about ways to make the best use of the hoop house, or bringing peach or mulberry trees. Georgia plunks down her stool and weeds the beds thoroughly. Though my hours seldom intersect with hers, I always enjoy the bright, positive perspective she brings to the garden. Albina found us through a Biology professor and though heavily pregnant, tended her row of tomatoes. Congratulations on the recent addition to your family, Albina, and thanks for returning so quickly! Chris, our police chief, is also known around the garden as the guy who devotedly mows, trims, tills, and also manages to work one of the raised beds with his children. Mary Beth, a recent addition to the garden, has taken over not only the compost bins, but also worked with Ella to build a sifter to remove the mugwort plant – in addition to half a million other things. Most recently she and Ella organized a rock party.
What, you say?
Yes, complete with kids a’plenty, refreshments that included passionfruit juice from the garden and a professional illustrator! We painted rocks in bold colors and then painted some of our native plants on them, writing the plant names as clearly as possible. Then we preserved everything with a spray of clear coat. Those rocks now adorn our garden, labeling some of our native plants for all to see. It worked so well we can’t wait to do it again!
This is not nearly a complete list of volunteers, gentle reader, just a start. Andrea, Hannah… the list goes on and on. Come, visit, and see.
By the way, you can also friend us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pvcchorticulture/







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