Triple C Camp visits the PVCC Community Garden

Yesterday, more than 30 campers and counselors from Triple C Camp were in the garden. These were some of the older campers from 6th to 8th grade, many of whom had visited the garden last year and were happy to share what they knew. We harvested pounds of green beans for the food bank, examined the native plant border, found a snake and lots of insects, and walked all around the garden space talking about growing plants.

Exposing young people to gardening early is very important as it helps them develop a relationship with the plants that provide the basis for a healthy diet. Visiting the produce section in the grocery store with your children is good, getting them started preparing and cooking food for the family is good, and letting them learn from the ground up the process of a healthy, sustainable way to produce food is critical. Maybe they won’t put it all together at 12 years old, but each positive exposure helps in the development of a healthy diet.

We did some weeding in the tomato plant section and in one of the native plant beds. I was very impressed by the hard work of these youngsters, as it was a hot day and many of them hadn’t much experience pulling plants before. We accomplished quite a bit and the garden is looking very good at this point in the summer.

IMG_3098 Triple C June


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