Let’s talk about tenacity

As you might remember reading from earlier posts on the website, our community garden was the incredibly fortunate beneficiary of UVA’s APO pledge class project back in the fall of 2014. It was an awesome day, with over a hundred volunteers working in the garden space on tasks that included: building trellises and tables, compost bins, raising the height of the surrounding fences, moving beds, upgrading the irrigation system, and more. One group directed a rather ambitious project to build two large hoop houses. A lot of time and expense went into all of the projects, but none more than the hoop houses. It was discovered that the design was not sturdy enough and the project had to be rethought. Many people would have given up at that point, but not the incredible team of Casey Eilbert, Jen Natyzak and Adrianna Gorsky. These three awesome women brought the project back the drawing board, raised additional money for materials, did research that included visiting other hoop houses, and came back time after time to ultimately finish the project. It has been a privilege getting to know them through their efforts.

The hoop house that they’ve constructed will allow us to grow more during the late fall and early spring, not to mention winter. That’s vital for a school community garden because that’s when the students are in session. It will also allow us to get a jump start on our summer plantings. Come by the garden sometime to admire their work!

APO Leading Women


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