Madison House Leadership

Over the years, UVA’s Madison House volunteers have spent hundreds of hours in the PVCC Community Garden and we are truly grateful. The story goes back to PVCC student Sara Elizabeth, who was also President of the PVCC Horticulture and Environmental Club. When she transferred to UVA she said, “Don’t worry, you’re not going to get rid of me.” and she was (and is) as good as her word. That next semester, Sara brought the PVCC Community Garden to the attention of Madison House staff and in fall 2012 was leading a group of volunteers on a weekly basis back to work in the garden. At the end of her time as Project Director, she handed her role over to Christine Wehner, who was a marvel of organization and energy. She was assisted along the way by Lia Cattaneo, another model of enthusiasm and earthly sustainability. Then came Varun Kavuru, who has come to the garden just about once or twice a week for better than three years. He is graduating UVA this spring and we would like to take off our hat, wipe a sweaty brow, and say thank-you.

He has been helped along the way by Chris Porter, who we are looking forward to welcoming back to the garden this fall, and an awesome cast of volunteers, many of who have come back to volunteer year after year. We are constantly heartwarmed by those who have passed through the garden at some point in their lives and remained in touch. Hopefully when you read this, you know that I am speaking of you.

The picture below shows next year’s Project Directors Henry and Samip (along with Varun and David). Both Henry and Samip already have much sweat and experience in the garden and we feel sure that they will be excellent leaders. Have a wonderful summer, Madison House! Thank you for all your hard work. We hope to see many of you again. Watch the website for updates – this is your garden too.

Madison House spring 2016


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