Madison House is back!

Sunday was such a wonderful day that I’m going to have to break my posting into two parts. On top of a week where I got to meet garden volunteer Alan, who’s journal entries and volunteer work in the garden I’ve been so much enjoying, and further on top of Wunderkind volunteer Ella, who has moved into the garden and seemingly lives there, this week saw the resumption of UVA’s Madison House coming to the garden to volunteer.

This is the fifth season that volunteers from Madison House have chosen to come to PVCC garden and I have to take a moment to thank those who have returned for two, three, and even four years. Led again this year by Varun Kavuru, we also have the stalwarts Chris Porter, Henry Wykowski, Owen Robinson, and Malcolm Maloney. These guys are awesome! We don’t need to give them much guidance anymore. They walk in and own the garden. They’ve also got a bunch of new volunteers working alongside them that we’re looking forward to working with this semester and just possibly, for many years to come.

Madison House volunteers will be coming to the garden on Fridays at 3:00 and Sundays at noon.


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