Guilford College Day of Service and Tandem visit the garden

What an exciting day we had Saturday! For starters, it rained heavily overnight and was looking off and on rainy throughout the day, so with heavy heart I contacted Juliet Trail and left a phone message calling off the volunteer team that she’d assembled to visit the garden in the afternoon. Making those calls isn’t fun, but no coordinator ever wants volunteers to have a bad experience, and for many people working in a garden in the rain is less than fun. For others it can still be wonderful but those people are rare.
Saturday was also the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello. When I called off the volunteers I stayed longer at the awesome festival, then took a bus back to PVCC where the transportation was being staged. Arriving, I was pretty surprised to see a group of about a dozen people working in the community garden! It turned out that Juliet hadn’t gotten my message, the rain let up, and she decided to just go ahead with the workday even though no representative of the garden showed up. Not bad, Juliet, not bad at all.
Juliet was coordinating this event at part of Guilford College’s Day of Service happening at sites up and down the east coast. She contacted our local Tandem Friends School, a Quaker school like Guilford, and recruited Tandem seniors to join her helping in the garden growing food to feed the hungry. She also brought some friends with her. Erin Hughey-Commers also came to the garden and brought her little sister Alyriah.
The seniors did a wonderful job in two previously tilled up beds. They weeded profusely, prepared the beds for planting, and then planted them up! We also went around the garden learning about herbs, asparagus, passionfruit, and methods for growing tomatoes.
Thanks for a wonderful day!


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