Triple C Camp at the garden

Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny, a rarity in recent weeks, and scores of campers from the wonderful Triple C camp visited the garden. A few weeks ago a mostly different set of campers had visited, but a few of the campers had been to the garden before and came back like old friends. Plenty of camp counselor were in attendance as well.
Together we tackled one bed so overgrown that the weeds tickled some of the camper’s chins. By the time they were done the bed was completely cleared, except for the healthy asparagus patch set to one side, and a few squash plants that had been living among the green exuberance.
Thanks to Ben, Alexandra, Coach and all the other staff and campers for their sweat and diligent volunteerism. We’ll now be able to get that bed planted for fall!




Also, I was able to run some fresh squash and cukes over to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Wednesday. The food bank reported that they’ve been getting some good donations of locally grown fresh vegetables. Way to go, Charlottesville!


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