Summer garden update

We’ve had good weather this summer so far, perhaps a bit hotter and drier than one would prefer for the garden, but not too bad. The native plants in particular that we’re planted last year are doing marvelously. Because we dug in plants that are adapted for this region, once they rooted well there isn’t much to do except sit back and enjoy them. In particular I love watching the eager grasp of the passionflower vines as they pull towards the top of our fence, their fragrant purple and yellow faces smiling along with mine at all the bees that buzz excitedly nearby. The smell is heavenly and reaches out to turn your head a good five feet away.

A heartfelt thank you to PVCC employees Chris Wyatt, Jennifer Scott, Hunter Moore, and Tom Clarkson. Chris and his daughter Georgia are newcomers to the garden. They’ve weeded, mowed, planted, done work on the irrigation system, and helped neaten up the garden area this summer. Jennifer is club co-advisor and has steadfastly been working in the garden, beating back the mugwort, staking the tomatoes, and generally doing a bit of everything. Next week she’s going to lead a volunteer group of 40 or so summer campers through the garden for a few morning hours. Hunter has volunteered to help with the design and implementation of the garden’s irrigation system, including finding funding for necessary parts. Tom Clarkson has been a supporter for many years and, when he sees the weeds getting a little high, kindly donates his superb little tiller to the cause. There are others to thank too, but I think that shall be left for another blog post.

Interested in getting involved and have a few hours free? We’re still looking for volunteers to work with…

Enjoy your gardening!


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