Well wishes

Sitting here tonight at my kitchen table, tea in hand and the dark penned away, I’d like to reach out for a moment and send best wishes and prayers to a young man who visited the garden only once. His name is Andrew W. and he has the kind of good nature and infectious spirit that makes it a pleasure to share space with him.

Last February I had that opportunity when Andrew visited his brother Henry at UVA and journeyed along when Henry came over to PVCC’s Community Garden with his Madison House team. Henry has been a wonderful volunteer over the last two years, hardworking to the extreme and with a ready smile. He’s brought much to the garden; on this occasion he brought a brother. I enjoyed chatting with the two of them and admired their easy banter while they both worked hard. Theirs was the kind of cheerful, optimistic outlook that pairs so powerfully with a pick up your wheelbarrow and heft it work ethic.

You can see a picture of them among other volunteers in the blog entry from February, 2014. Recently, Henry shared with me that Andrew has been badly injured. I don’t know many of the particulars, but I do know that life is often rough, swift, and unkind. Let us wish this man strength in the midst of his trial and our hope for the fullest recovery possible.

I don’t have Andrew’s email address, but if you wish to send along your thoughts and good wishes, Henry’s email address is htw8km@virginia.edu.


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