Summer in the garden

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Scott took two large buckets of harvested garlic to the food bank with two of her children. They also took the time to braid some of the garlic and hang it to dry with care alongside the long handled tools in the shed. Now when one opens the door there’s a great garlicky blast that really gets the nostrils open and the blood circulating!

The garden is really growing fast right now. We’ve had good rains and the weeds are responding enthusiastically. One of the greatest pleasures that I’m experiencing is watching more butterflies than I can remember flitting around the garden zone. This can be attributed not only to the borage, sunflowers, and other reseeding annuals that we’ve planted in cinderblocks, but also to the hundred new native plants that we’ve positioned around the beds that border the fence line. A big thank you to all the hard work that went into creating those beds and also to half a dozen local Master Naturalists who came by to help with the planting on Saturday, June 21st.

One of the other great gifts that the garden provides is the continuing involvement of remarkable individuals. Perhaps once a sufficiency of blood and sweat has been left in a place you are forever tied to it. In the last two days, two former Madison House Project Leaders have visited the garden. Christine Wehner was back in Charlottesville for a visit this past weekend and stopped in a chat – and harvested some okra. The inimitable Sara Elizabeth (two time PVCC Horticulture and Environmental Club President) was found this morning watering the new plants to make sure that they’re firmly established and weathering this steamy July heat.


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