UVA Women’s Leadership Development Program Leads The Way

UVA Women’s Leadership Development Program leads the way…

This past Sunday the community garden was graced by the presence of 16 hardworking and enthusiastic young leaders. They’re an impressive bunch. Readers can find out more about their organization at http://www.virginia.edu/newcomb/wldp/

We worked on two main tasks: continuing to build some new beds alongside the outside of our fenced border and turning over all eight of the existing beds to prepare them for spring planting.

They seized the reigns, asking questions without hesitation, sizing up the tools and breaking up into work groups, eyeing difficulties and suggesting solutions. I have rarely seen so highly functional a group. It’s enough to make one have some hope for the future!
Now if only some warm days would come… we’re going to more ready than ever for spring planting.

WLDP participants – stay in touch and watch the website. Come back and visit sometime. It’s going to be a great garden this year.

photo (6)

photo (7)

photo (3)

UVA Women's Leadership Group 2014


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