Madison House Fridays

We have got the greatest group of Madison House volunteers, bar none! They’ve started volunteering in the garden again this semester during what can only be called winter, not usually known as the most hospitable time to roll up one’s sleeves and dig in frozen or muddy soil!

Beginning the last day of January, they have been working hard to continue building the new beds along two thirds of the garden’s fence lines. These are the most visible fences from the road and will look absolutely gorgeous once we get them planted with native plants. We’ll begin then creating the environment to host beneficial insects, pollinators galore, and lots of birds, bees, and butterflies.

Last Friday I snapped a picture of the crew. There are more than a dozen of them, not looking quite as muddy as one might expect given the day’s conditions. In order from right to left, the stars are: Rachel Patterson, Michelle Faggert, Malcolm Maloney, Owen Robinson, Henry Wykowski, Chris Porter, Andrew Wykowski , Mark Duda, Christine Wehner, Kelsey Kaehler, Isaac Li, Varun Kavuru, Jake Sperling. One other volunteer was present that day, Lia Cattaneo, but not pictured.
Again, a special shout out to Project Leader Christine Wehner. She demonstrates great enthusiasm and excellent leadership skills, is incredibly responsive, has Wahoo initiative oozing out of her pores, and can run with a dozen donuts in her belly.

Special thanks also to Andrew Wykowski. Down from Long Island visiting his brother Henry, he came along for the experience and put in some mighty labor. Thanks for the assist, Andrew. Come back sometime.

Madison House Feb 2014


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