Garden Visitors

December has drifted over the garden and as I sit at my desk and think back over what a successful fall it has been, it occurs to me that I didn’t post AT ALL about a very special day that occurred near the beginning of the semester, back when the beds were still in considerable disarray from the summer’s accelerated growth of magnificent plants in the wrong places. Yup, weeds in our beds. In fact, some of our beds were so overgrown it was hard to find the cinderblock outlines!
Into that dismal setting rode the knight errants of UVA’s Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Society. More than a dozen strong, they arrived in such high spirits that they blew the lid off the place. A few of us were there to witness their energetic efforts but words cannot fully convey the tale of the creation that they wrought over several hours of delirious labor. A few pictures will have to do.
Thanks to you all for these warm memories as the days darken and the temperature dips.











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