Madison House 2013-2014

Among the lovely happenings in the garden this particular fall has been viewing the arrival every Friday at 3:00 of the incredible Madison House crew – if one is fortunate enough to be in the garden when they arrive! First one vehicle pulls up and then another, disgorging their confident forms. They right themselves, orient towards the garden gate, and swagger over like a band of community minded gunslingers. They’ve completely taken over the garden this semester and the space has never looked better. I’d like to especially thank Project Leader Christine Wehner for all her hard work and coordination. She has been more than ably assisted by the always affable and dedicated Lia Cattaneo. Both of these young women have chosen to return this second year and it has just been a delight to work with them. They are joined by: Anne Bennett, Linda Zhang, Chris Porter, Josh Carrier, Malcolm Maloney, and Varun “Pepper King” Kavuru. Malcom, by the way, came through with another group in the fall and enjoyed it so much that he’s jumped in with this merry band of green thumbed rapscallions.


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