A thoughtful moment in the garden

Yesterday three of us were down in the garden providing respertory aid to hot and sweet peppers alike. Jonathan and Dylan and I were pulling weeds to get some air circulating around them. We’ve got a great crop growing. It’s so lovely to part the dark green leaves and see the jalapenos reddening or bell peppers swelling, or the habaneros orange color richening. You can practically feel the heat on your tongue! Makes me crave hot late summer salsas and hot sauces – you know, the great endorphin rush that comes from eating of something that rates really high in scoville units.
We fed our souls with great conversation and as our hands moved among the tomatoes, peppers, and asparagus plants. And we were sure to try a couple of the Cossack Pineapple ground cherries before we left. If you’ve not tried these before, put them on your life list. They’re easy and delicious.
Jonathan also fixed up the table umbrella and moved our wooden tables to better grouund. Come and join us at the table.


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