UVA’s First Year Leadership Experience – in the garden

Another program that has been regularly appearing in the garden this year has been UVA’s First Year Leadership. Groups of these students have been coming on Saturdays, regularly. As I understand it, this program is for students at the University of Virginia who want to become involved in self governance. After discussions with Priya Vithani and Miranda Hogan, groups of motivated and enthusiastic have been traipsing through.

This past Saturday, for instance, I was out working in the garden when the CTS #1 bus pulled up short of the usual Dickinson Building stop and unloaded about 15 passengers who came marching over in a colorful and noisy cohort to the garden gate. All were First Year Leadership students, but three of them were returning visitors, and almost immediately they had three teams going. Very nice leadership! One group went to work digging and enlarging our perennial beds along the border fence, a second group began stabilizing our nascent greenhouse structure, and the third one began turning over our last unprepared garden bed, readying it for spring planting.

It was just another awesome day in the garden and our thanks go out to all the help from FYLE! We hope to see more of you again the spring, especially so that you can see the results of your labors. A few pictures showcasing these most excellent visitors to our garden have just been added. Please check them out!


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