Madison House

This fall we have become one of the newest programs of the University of Virginia’s Madison House. This wonderful organization contributes UVA student volunteers to over 50 agencies serving children and youth. UVA student and former exceptional PVCC club president Sara Elizabeth has become a Madison House Project Director and organized two teams of UVA students that have been coming to the garden all semester long. One team on Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 and another one starting the weekend right by coming to the garden at 4:00 on Fridays.

There are too many students to thank them all individually but together they have been a wonderful presence in the garden and we are very grateful for their assistance! They have been involved in all facets of the garden. A few that I would like to thank individually for some happy memories are Lia, Christine, and Louis.

Lia and Christine came out to the garden during UVA’s reading week. “Why, what is this?”, I asked in some puzzlement. They explained that they felt good about being in the garden and that after having been here they would be much more productive in their studying and with their homework! Louis also seemed to be showing up too often. “Wasn’t he just here?” I asked Sara one day. “Why yes,” she explained. “Louis signed up to volunteer in the garden on both Tuesdays and Fridays!” You all are just fantastic.

We have even enjoyed two visits from Madison House’s Assistant Director of Programs Yousaf Sajid. He seems to have discovered that he likes gardening! A few weeks ago he wrote this very kind and complimentary post about his experiences.

See you in the garden!



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