Friday afternoons in the garden

If you happen to be in the neighborhood at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon, winding down after a busy week, stop by the garden for a lovely view of relaxing industriousness. Today I ran out of work and got down to the garden around 4:45 and found about 8 friendly folks getting a great start on the weekend. The Friday afternoon regulars from Madison House this year are a great crew, project director Sara Elizabeth is always there, and a growing number of members of this year’s PVCC Horticulture and Environmental Club are beginning to gather on Friday afternoons too.
The sprouts are starting to show from the garlic bulbs, the cinder blocks are getting filled in and ready for planting, the transplanted tomatoes are growing well, as are the strawberries, the kohlrabi, and collards, the lettuce, etc.
I also noticed that the beds are looking extremely well weeded and the fence project is continuing apace.
It’s a great time in the garden. Come join the fun. We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening right now.


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