Guerilla Gardening

This past Sunday a patch of nearly bare earth greeted me from one of the beds. Nakedness in one of our garden beds! How could this be? And thus is found one of the joys of community gardening. As I’ve mentioned before, a community garden is a place to volunteer and in so doing, one meets the nicest and occasionally oddest but often devoted neighbors with at least one shared interest. In this case that interest often happens to be gardening. So, we chat and weed, plant and harvest, laugh, plan, and go our separate ways. A bit of shared cameraderie is a wonderful tonic for the nerves.

The other day I had a chance to meet Jeremy, who was standing out by the garden beds speaking with Sara, our club President. Jeremy has a large garden at home and teaches at PVCC. He’s been watching the community garden grow over the years and when he had a few extra squash and watermelon plants he simply walked over and planted them. It made for a nice surprise and an air of mystery as we tried to figure out where they might have come from. So, that’s one mystery solved…

Now who weeded half the strawberry bed??? Whomever you are, thank you, thank you! If you’re reading the blog we’d love to hear from you.


3 responses to “Guerilla Gardening

  1. With the weather this week the plants in my garden are loving it! How do you combat slugs and snails though. With all the rain we had previously I am being overun!

  2. We are fortunate to not have a slug/snail problem in the garden. At home, I use Diatomaceous earth or crushed egg shells.

  3. I can back up the use of Diatomaceous earth. I have been using it all summer in my garden.

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