Gardening and our First Lady

The other week Michelle Obama made the rounds with various news and media outlets to promote her new book American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.  She interviewed with USA Today, NPR the ladies at The View, Good Morning AmericaLIVE! with Kelly, the Rachael Ray Show, even Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.  Though politics is always going to be a subject that surrounds her, the main topic at hand was health and nutrition by way of gardening.

Several first ladies have taken on a platform of some kind or another while in White House.  Nancy Regan had the “War on Drugs”, Barbara Bush tackled literacy, Hilary Clinton tried healthcare, and now Mrs. Obama is mounting a fight against childhood obesity.  A main component of her platform is the experience and knowledge she has gained from the White House kitchen garden.

This of course, is near and dear to all of us working in the PVCC Community Garden.  Topics such as nutrition, the quality of our food, sustainable food sources, supporting our community and more are the driving forces behind our  efforts.  Some of us, like the first lady, had never worked in a garden before, but just an hour of fresh air and working in the soil is enough to bring us back and want to learn and experience more.


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