Permaculture Your Campus

Permaculture can be an off-putting word for the uninitiated.  Generally defined as:  the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient, permaculture, simply put, is gardening.  From the novice growing a few windowsill tomatoes to the White House’s South Lawn garden, our society is more and more embracing the benefits of permaculture.  Especially on school campuses.

UMass students have embraced the campus gardening movement in a big way.  This year they are hosting the international Permaculture Your Campus Conference in June.

Here at PVCC we are proud to be part of this great movement as we learn to grow food and help our community.  Already this season we have donated 25lbs of food to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and Kay’s Kitchen at The Haven homeless shelter.

No experience is necessary to join in at the garden.  We meet Thursdays from 4-5 and Sunday mornings, join us for some free exercise and sunshine.


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