In appreciation

This week is our return from spring break and in the spirit of taking time for reflection, I’d like to look back and thank some of the leaders of the community garden. The garden grew out of an idea student Nik Ooi had in the fall of 2007. He approached three members of the PVCC community to become advisors to the club with the promise that it would be a fun endeavor and not a large committment of time. Nik was (and is) an incredibly hard working founding president. One of my most enduring visions of his tenure is running down to the garden and seeing Nik sporting a large straw hat and toting a larger water tankard, toiling alone with a tiller in the rocky ground. We worked that land for two years before we decided to try raised beds. Each of those first two summers the weeds overgrew our efforts for there were fewer students to keep up with the work and we lost our hard earned gains. One year we planted in bags of soil in an attempt to keep the workload managable!
Our next president was Modou Gaye. Modou’s work ethic was as outsized as his charisma – and he charmed everyone. Modou talked to us about what he called “the African way of doing things’ as he sweated to pound posts into the ground so that we could finally safeguard our crops from PVCC’s roaming herd of deer. He brought in supplies and helped us get our first row of cold frames built.
Sara Elizabeth is our third and current club president. It’s hard to say what Sara’s most enduring legacy is going to be. Under her leadership we’ve expanded our raised beds, kept growing through the summer, built a web presence, interacted with other community garden and agencies, and maybe, just maybe, gotten a little better at gardening.

Our profound thanks to all those who, named and unnamed, have brought us to where we are today.



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