Question:      What does every great garden need?

Answer:        A great deal of time!

Another less rueful answer would be great soil and here in central Virginia that can be a real challenge. For those of you who interested in learning more about the steps that will get you growing your own food, the Horticulture and Environmental club presents Master Gardener Rozanne Oliver. On the last day of classes, May 2nd, Rozanne will speak in the Bolick Center about the magic of composting. May 1-7 is International Compost Awareness Week (in case you didn’t know) and we’d like to celebrate it with you.

When: Monday, May 2nd during college hour (12:20)

Littlejohn’s Deli has quietly been donating their leftover produce to the garden for a year now and we’ve been making some great soil down in our compost bins by Dickinson.  If you want some more hands on experience this spring and summer come and grow with us!


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